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  • Shoot for the moon!

    "Smart engineers after my own heart," said Meggitt CTO Emeritus and 2015 SAE President Richard Greaves after visiting Penn State University's #LunarLion team. They're competing in Google's $20m prize to build a rocket and put a lander on the moon.

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    Bleed valves prevent stalling on take-off and landing by controlling engine pressure but they're VERY NOISY.

    So three very quiet cheers for Scott Lathrope, Matt Scovell and David Skolnik—the three Meggitteers using 3D printing to create a radical new design. It could cut noise around airports in a big way.

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  • Wings of steel? POSCO are trialling a new alloy for aircraft wings. "As good as titanium, but 1/10th of the cost?"

  • Limpet teeth the strongest material in nature? Engineering prof says they could be copied for boats and planes of the future.

  • Our engineering head Chris Allen outlines the big challenges on offer at Meggitt and the kind of engineers we're looking for.

  • Defibrillator drone saving lives in #extremeenvironments with hi-tech, rapid response.